Aquaman #12 Gets a ‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’ Variant Cover

Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken DC Comics Special aired last night and kicked off the Emmy-winning show’s sixth season. To commemorate the Special, DC Comics issued a special Robot Chicken variant cover of Aquaman No. 12.

TV Guide ran an exclusive first look at the variant cover and spoke with Geoff Johns about the issue:

“This is the last thing I ever thought we’d put on an Aquaman cover because it’s such a bizarre collision of worlds but I think it’s one of the best covers we’ve ever done…I just love the look on Superman’s face!” says DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns, who writes the monthly comic and worked closely with Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich on the special.

There is no actual Robot Chicken content inside Aquaman No. 12. “Our plot is deadly serious,” notes Johns. “It’s part 2 of our story ‘The Others,’ where we find out Aquaman belonged to an entirely different team of heroes before he joined Justice League. Now someone is picking off his old partners, one by one, and it all ties into his archenemy Black Manta. The story reveals a much darker side of Aquaman and what Atlantis was really all about.”


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