Cemetery Dance Talks With IDW’s Jeff Conner About Stephen King, Clive Barker & The Future of Horror Limited Editions

For the past three years Jeff Conner has been the editor and lead designer for IDW Publishing’s “alt-lit” prose program. Mr. Conner ran Scream/Press and has worked with writers like Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Karl Edward Wagner, Dennis Etchison, Ramsey Campbell, and John Shirley; and artists like JK Potter, Jeff Jones, and Harry O. Morris.

Notable Conner-produced releases from IDW Publishing include the “blended novel” V-Wars, Z-Boyz in the Robot Graveyard (a new Zombies vs. Robots novella by John Shirley), Classics Mutilated (a subversive mash-up collection), and In the Shadow of Dracula (an annotated collection of key Victorian-era vampire fiction).

Brian Freeman from Cemetery Dance interviewed Jeff Conner about This Means War, Clive Barker and Stephen King. You can read the Q&A HERE.


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