The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Sale At Comixology

Take advantage of comiXology’s The Dark Knight Returns sale and bring home loads of Batman digital comics for only 99 cents each!

Tomorrow marks the DVD release of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 animated feature film, which adapts the first half of the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Frank Miller that envisions a retired Bruce Wayne returning to duty as the Dark Knight after a decade out of the cape and cowl.

comiXology is holding a special sale putting up not only all four issues of the original Batman: The Dark Knight Returns limited series, but also Miller’s other fan-favorite, Bat-centric stories, including The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman: Year One (Batman #404-407), and All-Star batman and Robin—all for only 99 cents each!

The sale lasts for 3 days. Click HERE to access the sale page.

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