HP ENVY 110 e-All-in-One Printer

After 6 years, my HP 3310 copier needed to be replaced. I was happy with HP but wanted an all-in-one printer that worked wirelessly with my Apple MacBook, iPhone and iPad and had a low profile design.

After careful research, I opted for the HP ENVY 110 ($249), a sleek, compact printer that will scan, fax (via eFax), copy and print your documents. The quiet device is super slim (16 by 13 by 4 inches) and can be placed it in any room due to it’s compact form factor and wireless functionality.

It features a simple 3.45-inch touchscreen control that manages all of the necessary features.

The paper tray is hidden inside of the unit and a retracting arm extends only when printing and then retracts once the document has been removed.

The ENVY’s ePrint function lets you print from virtually anywhere by simply sending it to your HP ePrint-enabled printer’s email address.

A final unique feature are the free apps such as Facebook, Fandango and Disney that can be accessed via the touchscreen which allow you to print Facebook pictures, movie tickets and coloring pages without the necessity of a PC.

The HP Envy 110 is one of the most stylish, intelligent, feature rich and user friendly all-in-one devices that I have ever used.

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