The Film Poster As An Art Form: Olly Moss’ New Graphic Design Exhibition

If you’re not already familiar with the work of Olly Moss, the British graphic designer amassed a cult following online with his elegant redesigns of classic film posters from Star Wars to An American Werewolf in London.

Since then, his work has been featured in The New York Times and earned the 25-year-old contracts with Marvel, Nike and Apple; earlier this year his poster for The Dark Knight Rises sold out within 24 hours.

Now Moss’ work is on show for the first time in the UK, as part of a new exhibition by Texan art house Mondo (of which Moss is a contributor) at Leeds’ White Cloth Gallery. Other graphic artists on display include Tyler Stout, Drew Struzan and Francesco Francavilla.

Needless to say, once you’ve seen the cinematic artistry on display your average Hollywood bus stop-fodder just won’t cut it.

Check out some of Moss’ art HERE.

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