Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Millenium Falcon


OK, you probably had a version of this toy as a kid but it has since been passed down to a distant cousin or sold at a garage sale. Now you can relive your childhood with the Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Millenium Falcon ($250).

This incredibly detailed 2 foot long spaceship/playset is loaded with great features.

The cockpit lights up and opens to let you put your Han Solo and Chewbacca figures and up to 2 more figures (sold separately) inside. The boarding ramp opens, the gunner station pivots and fires missiles, and the vehicle has an illuminated Dejarik table and a training probe for Lightsaber practice, just like in the movie! Open the secret smuggling compartments so your Rebel figures can hide from Stormtroopers. (A big thank you for the tip goes to my nephew Ben)



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