Bluetooth Handset Gloves Gives New Meaning To “Talk To The Hand”


Behold the telephone of the future, built right into your Winter gloves! Warm knit gloves woven with conductive fibers let you operate those touch-screen phones like Androids, iPhones, Windowsphone, and Blackberries – but with extra added Bluetooth capabilities!


In the left glove’s thumb is a tiny speaker, and in the pinky is a wee microphone. By extending them both in the usual hand-gesture, you can chat with your friends for up to 20 hours on a charge! Gone are the days where talking into mid-air will brand you a crazy-person! Now you can show the world that you can actually talk to the hand, and with excellent sound-quality!

The Bluetooth Handset Gloves come in black or grey and are available for $70.

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