The New Ben & Jerry’s “30 Rock” Flavor Is Liz Lemmon Greek Yogurt

Last night Ben & Jerry’s revealed a new flavor in honor of the “30 Rock,” series finale. The flavor was ceremoniously unveiled by Co-founder Jerry Greenfield at a New York City finale party, just steps from the namesake building at Rockefeller Center. Invitees gathered to view the series finale of “30 Rock” and sample the new “30 Rock”-themed concoction.

The flavor, freshly produced at its factories in Vermont, was rushed to New York City for the event. Usually new flavors are released closer to spring, but the company decided to bump up the timetable to have the flavor on hand to accommodate the January 31st finale. Luckily, “30 Rock” fans won’t have long to wait. The flavor will be available across the country in Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in February and on the shelves of grocery stores and convenience stores shortly thereafter.

And the new flavor is…Liz Lemon, a lemon Greek frozen yogurt with a blueberry lavender swirl.

This won’t be the first time the company has released a comedy-themed flavor. Ben & Jerry’s has special ice creams inspired by Stephen Colbert (Americone Dream), Saturday Night Live’s “Schweddy Balls” sketch and Jimmy Fallon (Late Night Snack).


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