USA Today’s Preview of The 2013 Toy Fair

It’s every toy lover’s favorite time of the year: Toy Fair 2013 runs from Saturday through Wednesday at New York City’s Javits Center and features a slew of new action figures, games and plush toys that companies will roll out between now and the end of the year.

USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt gives a sneak peek at some of the highlights of Toy Fair, including this Mr. Potato Head Wolverine. The Marvel Comics superhero will be in stores by summer, just in time for Hugh Jackman’s new film The Wolverine.


Mattel is releasing a line of 6-inch action figures ($15.99 each) in July based on the classic 1960s ‘Batman’ TV series.


You’ve got Adam West, so now what do you do with him? Why, put him in Mattel’s vintage Batmobile ($49.99) due in July.

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The British books-turned-cartoon ‘The Octonauts’ brings oceanography home for the real youngsters (3 and up). A line of Fisher-Price toys from the Disney Junior show arrives March 1st, including this set ($14.99) featuring feline cryptozoologist Kwazii and his underwater vehicle Gup-B.


Pixar’s Monsters University hits theaters this summer. Kids can get Spin Master’s interactive Scare Off Sulley plush toy ($69.99) in the fall to help with their “scare training.”


The Mandarin attacks Tony Stark in the upcoming summer movie ‘Iron Man 3’ in theaters and also in your LEGOs. The ‘Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack’ (March, $39.99) features Stark’s abode and Mandarin’s helicopter, plus minifigures of Iron Man, Mandarin, Pepper Potts and an Extremis soldier.


Disney Infinity is a new game launching in June that’s meant to bring a more interactive experience to players young and old with 40 collectible figures from popular Disney and Pixar franchises. Among those first up: Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley and Mr. Incredible.


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