Gallery1988 Presents “For Your Consideration”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences along with Gallery1988 – have collaborated on a new project called For Your Consideration.

Nine posters have been created by an international group of artists, one for each Best Picture nominee.

The collection will be on display in Gallery1988′s Melrose Ave. location in Los Angeles Feb. 14-17. The posters are not be available for purchase, but the Academy announced that fans will have several opportunities to obtain their own screen prints of the limited edition posters. Giveaway opportunities will be announced on Gallery1988′s and the Academy’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


 Amour by Matt Owen


Argo by Anthony Petrie


Beasts of the Southern Wild by Rich Kelly


Django Unchained by Mark Englert


Les Misérables by Phantom City Creative


Life of Pi by Tom Whalen


Lincoln by Jeff Boyes


Silver Linings Playbook by Joshua Budich


Zero Dark Thirty by Godmachine

Here is the Gallery1988 release schedule for the Best Picture nominee prints.


There will be no line prior to 2 hours before each release, security enforced. There will be a sign-in sheet starting at that time. There is no holding places in line at any time. You will need to stay throughout, you can not leave after signing in. The prints are free, 1 per person – but you can come back for each release and get 1 of each.

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