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Sonos Inc., today introduced the Sonos Playbar ($700), the soundbar for music lovers. Playbar brings immersive HiFi sound to the TV and, being a full Wireless HiFi System, streams music through one easy-to-use player.

The all-in-one design of Playbar combines exposed aluminum with high performance speaker fabric and because it does not require a subwoofer or speaker wire, it easily fits into any room and setup. Its built-in sensors help Playbar automatically adjust EQ and channel orientation so it can lie flat on the TV stand or rotate for low profile wall-mounting above or below the TV.


Playbar gets its punch from nine individually amplified speakers: six mid-woofers to deliver deep, rich low-frequency sounds, and three tweeters for crystal clear high-frequency detail. Playbar’s advanced speaker array technology combines hardware and software to create a surprisingly wide soundstage beyond the physical soundbar, while maintaining crisp, centered vocals.

Designed for easy setup and use, Playbar connects to the TV with a single optical cable, playing everything that is connected to it, including cable boxes, Blu-ray players and game consoles. It understands common audio formats output by TVs including Dolby Digital.

Customers can control the volume or mute with a regular TV remote or with one of the free Sonos Controller apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC.


Playbar works seamlessly within the Sonos wireless audio family: Pair Playbar with the Sonus Sub for deep waves of jaw-dropping sound and add a pair of Play 3’s to act as wireless surround speakers for an immersive 5.1 home theater surround sound experience.

Sonos Playbar will be available March 5th.

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