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Ltd. Art Gallery and Emerald City Comiccon MINT condition Issue #2 Second Annual Comic Book Inspired Art Show opening on March 1, 2013 and running until March 31st, 2013

Ltd. Art Gallery is once again joining forces with Emerald City Comicon, the largest Comic and Pop Expo in the Northwest, to bring over 50 artists together to pay tribute to the characters and styles of the Comic Book genre! They will draw inspiration from their love of comics and graphic novels and create their own incredible interpretations of those worlds.

Featuring the art of: Tim Anderson, Dane Ault, Patrick Ballesteros, Trevor Basset, Mike Bell, Barry Blankenship, Syd Brown, The Bungaloo!, Mike Capp, Daisy Church, Michelle Coffee, Scott Derby, Camilla d’Errico, Carl Faulkner, Alex Gabbott, James Gilleard, Ian Glaubinger, Levi Hastings, Blain Hefner, Samuel “Sho” Ho, Claire Hummel, Aaron Jasinski, JSalvador, Suzanne Kaufman, Kiriska, Nan Lawson, Adam Limbert, Mike Maydak, Timo Meyer, MIKEATRON, Brian Miller, David Moscati, Michael O’Driscoll, Damon O’Keefe, Christopher J Olson, Mike Oncley, Augie Pagan, Melissa Pagluica, Chet Philliips, Sara Richard, Ashleigh Popplewell, Brandon Schaefer, Wade Schin, Jon Smith, Todd Spence, Cat Staggs, Meghan Stratman, Emi Tolibas, tnglr, 100% Soft, Jeffrey Veregge, Cody Vrosh, Scott Wampler, Andrew Wilson, Jayson Weidel, Wednesday Wolf, Gaelyn Woltz, Bruce Yan, and more!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great art that will be on display at the gallery show:


Man, Machine, Hero – Adam Limbert

 Corps MRGD

Welcome to the CORPS – Scott Derby

 Swamp Thing Sam Ho Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition

Swamp Thing – Sam Ho

 Hulk Jayson Weidel Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition

Hulk – Jayson Weidel

 Heroes In A Half Shell Ian Glaubinger Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition

Heroes In A Half Shell – Ian Glaubinger

 Fantastic Flight Tim Anderson Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition

Fantastic Flight – Tim Anderson

 Deadpool by Michelle Coffee Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition Issue 2

Deadpool – Michelle Coffee

 Cobraaa Brandon Schaefer Ltd Art Gallery MINTcondition

Cobra – Brandon Schaefer


Dick Tracy by Barry Blankenship


Spiderman by Bruce Yan


Batman & Robin by James Gilleard


The Detective by Chet Phillips– Fighting crime with a roll of dimes


Visit Paradise Island by Brian Miller


Pow! by Mike Bell

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