Volkswagen XL1


The futuristic Volkswagen XL1 ($TBD) takes its power from a 47 HP two-cylinder 800cc TDI engine combined with an electric motor producing 27 HP thanks to a 5.5 kWh battery pack. Thus fuel consumption is of only 261 mpg.

The carbon fiber body has a total weight of 1,752 lbs. The XL1 can hit an electronically limited top speed of 99 mph. The 3.8 meters long car car travel 31 miles on electricity alone, but the range can get up to 310 miles with a full tank of gas.

Der neue Volkswagen XL1

The two-seat, plug-in hybrid features a design that completely covers the rear wheels to reduce drag; a pair of rear-facing mirrors on the side of the car instead of door mirrors; gull wing doors that swivel upwards and forwards and slightly offset seats for the most interior space possible.




Only 50 cars will be built at first, after which customers will be able to get an XL1 exclusively on demand. The vehicle will be presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March.

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