Apple’s iWatch Will Launch This Year


Apple is currently working on a smartwatch to be released later this year, Bloomberg reports. The company has a team of about 100 designers working on the “iWatch,” led by design chief Jony Ive.


The smartwatch will allow users to make calls, use caller ID, and check map coordinates and will also contain a pedometer for tracking steps and heart rate.

According to The Verge, the watch will run iOS, a feature which is currently posing battery life issues in the product’s development. Rather than lasting at least 4-5 days on a single charge, the current prototypes only last for about 2 days.


*Please note that the photo images used in this post are concepts not designed by Apple.

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    OK, those of you who know my work know that my sci-fi characters have been wearing a version of these babies for a long time. Not rocket science. But damn, doesn’t it look nice…? I really, really don’t want Apple to rule the world and crush all the competitors, but you gotta figure they are gonna make some bank from this bad boy.

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