Disney Is Producing New Mickey Mouse Shorts & Premiered “Croissant de Triomphe” Today


Nineteen hand-drawn Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts will debut on television and online beginning June 28th. The cartoons will evoke the classic Mickey look, as Disney explains in a statement:

“With the slapstick feel of classic Mickey Mouse, the series of cartoon shorts presents Mickey in a broad range of humorous situations that showcase his pluck and rascality, along with his long-beloved charm and good heartedness.  Each cartoon short finds Mickey in a different contemporary setting including Santa Monica, New York, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and the Alps, facing a silly situation, a quick complication and an escalation of physical and visual gags.  The stories also feature genuine heartfelt and heroic moments as Mickey explores and experiences life with his comical partners: Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.


Below is a preview of “Croissant de Triomphe,” the first one in the series.

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