Funko’s DC Comics Mystery Minis


Funko’s “Mystery Mini Blind Box Figures” has a new series coming out April 24th, and they are titled “DC Comics Mystery Minis” – featuring the Batman family of characters.

Characters include Batman, Dark Knight Batman, Bat Girl, Joker, Dark Knight Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman in a variety of poses.

DC Comics Mystery Mini blind-boxed figures are available for preorder ($6 each, or by the case).


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One thought on “Funko’s DC Comics Mystery Minis

  1. Ugg! More mystery box figures I would love to have, but don’t want to gamble with. They look fantastic though. Guess I will have to give a few a try. Fingers crossed for Batgirl, Catwoman, and smirking Batman.

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