Scott Snyder Discusses Batman: Zero Year At WonderCon


Friday evening at WonderCon in Anaheim Scott Snyder discussed his upcoming take on Batman’s origin at the “Batman: Zero Year” panel.

With ‘Zero Year’ we’re absolutely, 100% (doing new takes on old ideas),” the writer said of the new story.

Snyder promises that he’s not trying to rewrite Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s “Year One” story.

“What happened was other stories came along the way like Selina Kyle’s history being different, James, Jr. would only be six years old…Gordon was different, the Falcone’s were different.” Snyder said when DC asked about doing a new take on Batman’s origins, he had a moment where he realized, “I could rewrite ‘Year One’ for you and say ‘Everything that happened happened’ and make a poor imitation of it, or we can try to do something f-ing new…let’s try to give you an origin you’ve never seen, characters you’ve never seen, moments you’ve never seen, tech you’ve never seen…a Gotham you’ve never seen before!”

Snyder said he’ll never change core things like Joe Chill. “If I try to do things like the pearls or the lamp, it’s just a poor imitation.”

Batman: Zero Year will be 11-issues long and the story arc will begin with June’s Batman #21.


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