IDW To Release Locke & Key Vol. 2: Head Games Deluxe Limited Edition In Late June 2013


I wrote to Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing and inquired about the next Deluxe Limited Edition of Locke & Key.

IDW has been releasing a variety of the most gorgeous oversized sturdy collectible hardcover books from any comic company ever! No one does it better than them. Reminiscent of what Graphitti Designs did in the 80’s but more bang for your buck! Kudos to Jerry Bennington who runs IDW Limited!

Here is what Chris had to say about the Locke & Key Vol. 2: Head Games Deluxe Limited Edition:

“It’s likely being sent to the printer next week, which’ll put it in stores in late June. It will cost $100 like the previous volume and include all of Joe Hill’s scripts, new chapter illustrations, character art and other such things from Gabriel Rodriguez. The cover will be faux-leather with gold foil lettering similar to the first edition”

This mock-up showcases the front cover, spine and back cover.


The first Locke & Key: Welcome To Lovecraft Deluxe Limited Edition totally sold out, so if you were lucky enough to get one and want to keep the collection going, keep an eye out for Head Games next month.

I’ll post a pre-order link as soon as it becomes available. Chris, you can save one for me!

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