Iron Man Tech Presented By Stark Industries at Disneyland Park


Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries is now open at Innoventions in Disneyland park and here is a look at the exhibit. Guests can get a rare, up-close look at the sophisticated Iron Man suits of armor as they walk through an exact replica of Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor guided by JARVIS, who provides an explanation of the full range of the armor capabilities.


The centerpiece of Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries is Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor, featuring Iron Man suits Mark I-VII as well as the newest Mark 42 suit, pictured above.


Visitors to the exhibit can even virtually “suit up” through simulation technology, operating the latest pieces of the Mark 42 Iron Man armor, including its infamous repulsor blasts.

Iron Man 3 opens in theaters May 3!

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