Gallery1988 Presents The Official Bad Robot Art Experience Opening On April 26th


Gallery1988 (West) is proud to present its newest exhibit, “The Official Bad Robot Art Experience,” that will open next Friday, April 26th with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Working in conjunction with JJ Abrams & his production company, the gallery has enlisted a gigantic group of artists to create original artwork (paintings, prints, sculptures & plush) to tribute the movies, TV show and iconic logo of BR. You’ll see artists tackle Alias, Fringe, LOST, Person of Interest, Cloverfield, Super 8, Star Trek and much more, resulting in some of the most exciting and innovative work yet.

The Official Bad Robot Art Experience will take place at G1988’s newest location at 7308 Melrose Ave and run through May 18th.

Also, 10% of the show’s proceeds are going directly to The Mission Continues, an incredible charity that works with veterans hoping to become community leaders.

Learn more about Gallery1988 at and by following them on Twitter, @galleries1988.


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