DC Comics To Publish The DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels & Chronology 2013 In May

Looking to provide info to retailers, librarians, and consumers interested in its book-format comics, DC Comics is publishing the DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology 2013, a 121-page reading guide and index to the publisher’s extensive backlist of collected and original graphic novels. The guide will be released at the end of May to stores in print and digital versions and will be available via the DC Comics Web site.

DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology 2013 offers a detailed listing of the publisher’s 25 most acclaimed graphic novels (“The Essential 25”), including Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and Batman Year One by Frank Miller and David Maazacchelli; the trade paperbacks collecting the recent New 52 relaunch; graphic novels from DC’s Vertigo imprint; and book series based on major characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

There are also lists of DC’s children’s books and books from major DC authors like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. The guide even contains a suggested-reading sequence for its graphic novels and short plot summaries for the major entries.


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