PS Publishing To Release Special Slipcased Anniversary Editions of Stephen King’s Thinner & Skeleton Crew In The Spring of 2014

Next year (spring and late winter respectively), PS Publishing will release special slipcased Anniversary editions of Stephen King’s Thinner (originally published under the by-line of Richard Bachman) and Skeleton Crew.

Stepping up to the plate for artwork chores on Thinner is Les Edwards while multiple Jack Kirby Award-winning comic book artist Stephen R. Bissette is already going hell-for-leather on color spreads for Skeleton Crew plus art-headers for each story. 

The publisher is planning on including Pete Von Sholly’s storyboards for Frank Darabont’s movie adaptation of The Mist. 

Future updates regarding these two books will include: the details of introductions, afterwords, signatures, etc.

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