Unheard Of And Unfinished 80 Page Stephen King Novella, “Phil & Sundance” Found

I found out about this at Charnel House today:

“Recently, news of a previously unheard-of Stephen King work leaked to the internet. King experts didn’t know about it. I didn’t know about it. The only people who knew about it were Stephen King and the person for whom he wrote it.

The work is called “Phil & Sundance”, an unfinished 80-page novella Stephen King wrote in 1987. Numerous sources have checked and it is, indeed, a legitimate Stephen King piece of fiction.

Right now, no one knows what the plans are for “Phil & Sundance.” Will King finish it and publish it? Will he post the unfinished work to his site, a la The Cannibals? Will it remain unfinished and unpublished, like “Comb Dump”? No one knows. In any event, this is one of the most exciting Stephen King finds in the last decade, and you can expect the Stephen King community to be abuzz about it for awhile.” 



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One thought on “Unheard Of And Unfinished 80 Page Stephen King Novella, “Phil & Sundance” Found

  1. Very interesting. From the handwritten note, it sounds like he might have been trying his hand at some young adult fiction. I hope he’ll make the rest of it available in some form or another. Even unfinished, King’s work is almost always entertaining.

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