Comic Book Icons, An Exhibition With 100 Comic Characters Interpreted By 100 Artists To Open At The International Comic Book Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

A “Comic Book Icons” exhibition with 100 characters interpreted by 100 artists will open at FIQ – International Comic Book Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (


The highly anticipated show opens on November 13, 2013 and will run until November 17th. The festival is the largest in the world with over 148,000 attendees.

Ivan Freitas Da Costa, is one of the show curators and part of the FIQ organization team. He has become a facebook friend of mine and was kind enough to share some exhibition pieces. I’ll add to this post as future art is announced.

Lobo Solitário - Rafael Grampá 2

Lone Wolf and Cub by Rafael Grampa


Akira by Renato Guedes


Captain America by Scott McDaniel


Hellboy by Greg Tocchini


Corto Maltese by Dave Johnson


Daredevil by Cliff Richards


Doctor Doom by Charlie Adlard


Jonah Hex by Julio Shimamoto


Mafalda by Eduardo Damasceno


Death by Roger Cruz


Tex by Mike Deodato


Watchmen by Luciano Salles


Spider-Man by João Montanaro


Zorro by Davi Calil


Astroboy by Ivan Reis


Tarzan by Eduardo Risso

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