The New York Times Interviews Billy Joel

It’s been 20 years since Billy Joel released his last pop album. Though the Piano Man has toured extensively, won a Tony, and even put out a collection of classical compositions over the last two decades, he hasn’t released new music since 1993′s River of Dreams.

According to an interview in this week’s New York Times magazine, the singer talks about why he stopped making albums: “I got bored with it,” Joel says. “I wanted to write something other than the three-minute pop tune even though that’s an art form unto itself.” And though Joel sounds nothing but grateful for his success, he also seems to resent being pegged as a pop writer: “It’s a very nice box to be in for a while, but then it becomes like a coffin.”

The New York Times spent some time with the 64 year old songwriter to discuss his lengthy music career and fascinating private life. You can read the interview HERE.


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