Apple Introduces New iPod Touch Without Rear Camera For $229

Apple has introduced a new model of its iPod touch. The new iPod touch comes in a 16 GB capacity and lacks the rear iSight camera of other iPod touches with Retina displays. This new model of iPod touch does still feature the front-facing FaceTime camera. With the introduction of this new low-cost iPod touch it appears Apple has discontinued the old fourth-generation 3.5-inch screen iPod touches.

Besides lacking the rear iSight camera, the new low-cost iPod touch with Retina display only comes in black or silver colors. Its siblings that have a rear iSight camera and come and 32 GB or 64 GB capacities are available in multiple colors. The new low-cost iPod touch does contain the same A5 chip and comes with the same Apple Earbuds as its higher-priced siblings, however.

The new 16 GB iPod touch without the rear iSight camera is US$229.


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