Dark Hall Mansion Announces Limited Edition DHM-Seminal Film Series “Phantom of The Opera” Prints By Laurent Durieux On Sale Thursday, June 6th

Dark Hall Mansion unveils its second installment in the DHM-Seminal Film Series with nothing less than 1925’s epic, “The Phantom of the Opera” starring the inimitable Lon Chaney and rendered strikingly by artist and collector favorite, Laurent Durieux.

Laurent’s two highly distinct and striking takes for “Phantom of the Opera” have the expected levels of fine detailing collectors have come to cherish with each releases, yet the Standard and Variant editions, while at once complimentary, yield very different moods, provoking distinct emotional responses.

All DHM-Seminal Film Series prints are strictly limited, numbered, and beautifully screen printed.

Editions are as follows:

Standard “Phantom of the Opera” Edition: 24″ x 36″  (Edition of 200) $65

Variant “Phantom of the Opera” Edition: 24″ x 36″  (Edition of 100) $100

There will also be two very select “Phantom of the Opera” Wood Editions:

One with Standard artwork (Edition of 10), one with Variant artwork (Edition of 10). $250

*These special Wood editions will be released in conjunction with www.emovieposter.com, the world’s largest vintage film poster collector website, and they will release their examples by lottery while DHM will offer its Wood editions on our initial release date.

All DHM-Seminal Film Series “Phantom of the Opera” Limited Editions go on sale next Thursday, June 6, 2013. They will be available on our dedicated Store page at 10:30 AM PST here: http://www.darkhallmansionstore.com/


Regular Edition


Variant Edition





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