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Paul Shipper specializes in traditional and digitally illustrated works of art for the entertainment, advertising and publishing industries all over the world from his studio in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Growing up in the UK with a pencil permanently attached to his hand and realizing his talent for the visual, Paul followed art and design through high school and college before graduating with a BA in Illustration in 1997.

While keeping a full time job Paul began illustrating professionally for himself, gathering clients and working on projects in his spare time. It was during this time that he firmly established himself in the design industry as well as becoming an accomplished professional photographer.

Some of his proudest illustration moments have included Star Wars work with Lucasfilm as well as working with well known clients such as Penguin Books, Sports Illustrated, GQ Magazine, Topps Inc. and JWT.

Paul is also enjoying being involved in the collectible print world having original work and prints available at a number of Popular Culture Galleries in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

His idol is Drew Struzan, an artist best known for his posters for the Star Wars prequels and Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut and Paul’s artwork has drawn strong comparisons.

When he isn’t working on illustration projects you will find Paul sketching, taking photos, making music, playing drums and piano, exploring the New Zealand countryside and spending precious time with his family and friends.

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