YO! Sushi Launches Their New Burger On A Flying Tray


Famed for being the first Sushi chain in the UK to deliver food to customers on a conveyor belt, YO! Sushi has gone one-step further with the introduction of the world’s first flying tray to deliver the YO! Burger to YO! Sushi lovers.

The ‘iTray’ air delivery system is a clever marketing ploy to showcase the low caloric count of the new burger (maximum of 423 calories). So light it can float on air…

The high-tech flying platter is custom built using the most advanced RC Drone quadicopter technology and is remote controlled through an on-board Wi-Fi system and iPad software. The gadget is made from a carbon fiber frame and consists of four propellers making it incredibly light and maneuverable. Two built-in HD cameras allow YO! Sushi kitchen staff to check that the new burger range is delivered through a real time video broadcast viewable on an iPad screen.


The tray-copter is now being trialled at YO! Sushi Soho with plans to roll it out across the UK next year.

Developed by YO! Sushi’s Executive Chef, Mike Lewis, after spending a considerable amount of time researching different regional foods in Japan, the YO! Burger removes the traditional bun and greasy beef patty and replaces it with innovative buns made from the highest quality Japanese toasted rice and a range of five fillings – teriyaki chicken, kimchi salmon, prawn katsu, tilapia katsu fish and tofu katsu.



Each YO! Burger is served on a Japanese bento tray and is accompanied by pickled daikon slaw, nori crackers in place of fries and instead of ketchup, misochup.

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