MONDO Pre-Sale Information At San Diego Comic Con 2013

MONDO will be pre-selling 3 different editions of posters online before Comic Con. Each edition will then have a corresponding artist signing taking place upstairs away from the MONDO booth at a designated signing area. These posters will ONLY be made available to those who purchase them online in advance.

Conan The Barbarian by Martin Ansin with Martin in person signing on Thursday 7/18.

Metropolis - Final

Regular poster of Conan by Martin Ansin
Size: 24” x 36”
Edition: 450
Price: $50

Metropolis - Final

Variant poster of Conan by Martin Ansin
Size: 24” x 36”
Edition: 225
Price: $75

The (22-color) Drew Struzan poster for The Dark Tower with Drew in attendance for a signing on Friday 7/19.


Dark Tower by Drew Struzan
Text designed by Ken Taylor and painted by Jason Edmiston
Size: 20” x 36”
Edition: 450
Price: $275

Spirited Away variant and Howl’s Moving Castle variant by Olly Moss with Olly signing in person on Saturday 7/20. (The regular edition of these posters will be available online at a later date.)


Spirited Away by Olly Moss
Size: 20” x 36”
Edition: 225 Variant Only
Price: $90


Howl’s Moving Castle by Olly Moss
Size: 20” x 36”
Edition: 225 Variant Only
Price: $90

These pre-sales will all be going on sale this Friday, July 12, 2013 via the web-store. To repeat, these will not be available for purchase at the MONDO booth at SDCC, and the signings will not be at the booth.

You will claim your posters / attend the signings at the Sails Pavillion at the convention center (Booth AA07. It is located directly above Hall C where you claim your badges.) Since these are going to be released at the Sails Pavillion, MONDO has to sell them in advance. MONDO will also have several releases at their booth that won’t be pre-sold.

What does this mean for me…the customer?
Believe it or not… not very much. This actually makes things quite a bit simpler. Several other companies pre-sell items before SDCC and allow for pick up. You alleviate quite a bit of stress by purchasing the item in advance and simply need to get in line to redeem your purchase. Lines will move much faster, and you won’t have to wait around all day.

The one thing you must note, however, is that these purchases are 100% non transferable. You (and ONLY you) will need to be absolutely, beyond certain that you will be available to pick up the poster you purchase on the designated day.

“I couldn’t make it yesterday!” or “Can my friend / poster-buddy pick it up?” or “I have something that conflicts that day!”
Just want to put this out there now…. if you say any of the above to MONDO at SDCC, it won’t change anything, unfortunately. This is one rule that they cannot bend or break on. If you cannot pick up your poster at the signing, MONDO will make accommodations for it to be available until the end of the day at our actual booth (#936,) but after that you relinquish your rights to the poster, and there are no refunds. Again, if you cannot pick up the poster in person… with a valid form of ID as confirmation… Do not buy one. The name on the ID you provide must match the name on your  order to receive your poster. MONDO will make zero exceptions on this.

How does picking my poster up work exactly?
All you need to do is bring a form of ID and a print-out of your order confirmation. It’s that simple. The signing time will be on your order form as a reminder (11:30AM PST). Just come find a MONDO representative at the end of the line and they will check you in. It’s that simple!

I missed the online drop! I’ll kill you, Mondo!
MONDO will still have at least a dozen additional releases over the weekend at their actual booth. Not much else has changed, sales-wise, from how they operated our releases last year, with the obvious exception of the pre-sales detailed above.

A few other minor changes:
MONDO will still have bags and rubber bands available for you, but they can no longer be responsible for bagging / rolling / unclipping binder-clips / etc. They apologize for any inconvenience, but this is simply an effort to keep the line flowing as smoothly and quickly as possible.

MONDO will not be tweeting to announce their sales. Safety is a huge concern to MONDO and SDCC and they want everyone to be in one piece at the end. Nobody needs a broken bone to show that they’re a fan, so MONDO is going to have a daily schedule for fans to check out showing times of releases. MONDO won’t tell you what’s going to be released, but they think you’ll be happy with the releases this year. Also, a lot of media is asking to cover MONDO’s stuff, so keep an eye online. Something will pop up before MONDO shows you in line.

Check out Mondo’s blog and Twitter for all the pertinent information about SDCC.

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