Odd City To Release Pacific Rim Print By Graham Erwin On Thursday July 11, 2013

Odd City will release a dramatic Pacific Rim print from the super talented Graham Erwin tomorrow.

Erwin detailed his vision for his print:

“When first approached by Odd City to work on a poster for Pacific Rim, I immediately dove into watching all the trailers available to get a sense of what I found personally exciting about the film. The thing that struck me was how the Jaegers seemed truly massive, towering, and powerful. Each robot was designed with very strong silhouettes and such high levels of detail that I knew they would work well as a focal point with my illustration style. After some talk with Odd City’s CEO, Roman, we decided to go with the 12″ x 36″ format and custom lettering to hopefully put a unique spin on what is already a great property.”

The print will be released tomorrow, July 11, 2013 between 11-12 (Central Time). Please follow Odd City on Facebook and Twitter for the exact drop time.


Release Date: 07/11/2013
Artist: Graham Erwin
Title: Pacific Rim
Size: 12×36
Printed by: D&L Screenprinting
Run Size: 175
Regular Details: 5 Colors
Paper: French Spearmint 110 lb
Price: $50

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