Ltd. Gallery Announces Saturday Morning Group Art Show Opening On Friday July 19, 2013

Saturday Morning Poster Final

As a child, Saturday mornings were a playground for our imaginations. It was the beginning to the weekend and school was in the rearview mirror.  Nothing was sweeter than waking up early, making your way to living room, and taking a journey 30 minutes at a time.

Ltd Gallery is very excited to present their newest group art show: Saturday Morning. Over 50 artists reflect upon a time when all they needed was a bowl of cereal, their pajamas….and the TV.

Featuring the art of: Dane Ault, Mike Bell, Barry Blankenship, Syd Brown, Craig Church, Daisy Church, Candice Ciesla, Devon Devereaux, Derek Eads, Jessica Flores, Leslie Gauthier, James Gilleard, Ian Glaubinger, Lauren Gregg, Metal Hand, Andy Helms, Blain Hefner, Sam “Sho” Ho, Kiku Hughes, Claire Hummel, Suzanne Kaufman, Tom Krohne, Matt Kuphaldt, Alexander Laccarino, Nan Lawson, Ryan Mc$hane, Eliot Mechanism, Mikeatron, Brian Miller, David Moscati, Damon O’Keefe, Mike Oncley, Augie Pagan, Dave Perillo, Eric Pineda, Reid Psaltis, Sara Richard, Graff Roots, JSalvador, Dennis Salvatier, Mark Sarmel, Paul Shipper, Todd Spence, Meghan Stratman, Derek Sullivan, Clay Sisk, Emi Tolibas, Geoff Trapp, Super Ugly, Chris Uminga, Jayson Weidel and Bruce Yan.

The Opening Reception on Friday July 19th at 7 PM will feature complimentary orange juice based refreshments, a cereal bar, cartoons, pajamas and a themed live DJ set by Freedrull! The show will run through August 24th.


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