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So many websites have so many passwords, it’s hard to keep track of them all. You write them on scraps of paper or sticky notes. Perhaps you have committed them to memory only to forget them days later.

Dashlane is the best, free password manager and secure digital wallet for your iOS and Android phone and tablet, and other desktop and mobile devices.

Keep track of your passwords easily and securely, and access them wherever you go. Auto-login into any website, and generate strong, unique passwords when you need them. Save your IDs, credit cards, and other sensitive personal data, and autofill them for express checkout on every website.


Password Manager

Keeping track of passwords and making them secure is incredibly simple with Dashlane.

– Lock all your encrypted data away behind your Master Password, which only you know!
– Rest assured that your passwords are encrypted locally on your device using AES-256 encryption — the industry’s leading standard
– Your Master Password is never stored or transmitted anywhere, so there are no backdoors or security loopholes
– Get alerts when one of your passwords is at risk, and be the first to know about security breaches
– Generate strong passwords, auto-save them to your vault and autofill them online, all in a tap
– Securely send passwords or notes via encrypted, self-destructing messages
– Auto-login to your accounts online using our in-app browser, or press to copy/paste passwords from your vault to your apps
– Use secure notes to save any other personal information, such as wifi passwords



Stop fumbling around with tiny keyboards and use the world’s best autofill to complete your online forms.

– Fill every field on every form with one tap, whether you’re on your phone or tablet. No form is too complex for Dashlane
– Get smart and agile autofill, so you can mix and match your information as you wish
– Enjoy express checkouts so you never have to store your payment info on sites that you don’t trust


Secure Digital Wallet

Get more than just a password manager and vault. Store sensitive, personal information and take it on the go. Access your digital wallet anywhere, whenever you need it – credit cards, bank accounts, IDs, passports, and more! Rest assured that your data is locked away in your digital wallet, no matter what happens to your device. Dashlane will automatically lock and securely encrypt your vault within any timeframe specified by you.

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Take Dashlane Anywhere

Dashlane works on all your favorite devices and browsers. It’s free to download and use on every device, and with Dashlane Premium you can get unlimited backup and sync between all your devices for just $19.99 per year.

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