What Can You Do To Save Someone’s Life In Under A minute?

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This article was sent to me by my compassionate Nephew, Josh. I urge you to read it and please take action!

Hunger is the painstaking discomfort caused by a lack of nutritious food. Each year, it kills more people than Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, making it the number 1 heath risk in the world. However, hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem.

Have you ever heard of the poverty trap? The poverty trap prevents people from doing anything productive because they are too poor to afford food, which would fuel their bodies and help them liberate themselves from this epidemic.


How can we solve hunger? 

There are two easy ways to help: you can go to Free Rice or The Hunger Site to make a true difference in someone’s life.

FreeRice.com is a website that donates 10 grains of rice or the equivalent to hungry people when a trivia question is answered correctly. This site allows people to learn while feeding others and has a wide range of educational topics such as English vocabulary, basic math, geography, languages, human anatomy, and chemistry to name but a few. It is funded through the World Food Programme of the United Nations and is charitably sponsored by organizations that pay for the donated rice.

There is also a website called The Hunger Site, on which you can click a simple button once every day and feed hungry people, and better yet, THE CLICK IS FREE. At the top of the page, you’ll find 8 additional causes such as Diabetes, Autism, and Literacy, all waiting for you to click on them and show your support.

In case you are curious whether these are legitimate sites, they can be validated further at the following links: The Hunger Site (Snopes) and Free Rice (Snopes).

Together we can make a real and lasting difference for our world.

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