IDW Announces Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen: Artifact Edition


IDW Publishing today announced the latest addition to its line of prestige format collections: Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen: Artifact Edition.

IDW’s Artist Editions mimic the look and feel of original art by scanning originals at a high resolution and in color, and printing them on paper similar to what the art was drawn on. The result gives the experience of owning classic original art without having to shell out thousands of dollars for it.

IDW special projects editor Scott Dunbier discussed the exciting project with Comic Book Resources:

“Watchmen is something very special in comics – no other series has even come close to receiving the praise that has been heaped upon it, and deservedly so. When Dave Gibbons first approached me about doing a book like this I knew it could not be a traditional Artist’s Edition — too many of the originals had been scattered to the four corners of the globe, we could not do complete stories. But the work is just too damn good to not do a book like this! So I decided to try something a little different — it looks like an Artist’s Edition, it feels like an Artist’s Edition, it’s the same quality of reproduction as an Artist’s Edition, but it’s just a little bit different. It will collect individual pages and covers, and be called an Artifact Edition. So it’s not an Artist’s Edition, per se, but you still get to see all that beautiful Dave Gibbons “Watchmen” art in its rawest form.”

Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen: Artifact Edition will be released in 2014.


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