Zagat Ranks The Best Burgers In 20 U.S. Cities

It’s National Burger Week and Zagat just posted their list of the top burger joints in 20 U.S. cities, according to their local surveys. Check the list out HERE. How do their picks stack up to your local favorites?

Here is one of my favorites:

Mr. Bartley’s
1246 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA





“Burger buffs “can’t leave Harvard Square” without “squeezing in” “elbow-to-elbow” at this “charm”-heavy “landmark” for “amazing,” “sloppy” patties with “ironic names that make the daunting task of choosing” from the “mind-boggling” variety of toppings a “laugh”; even with no bathrooms, a cash-only rule and what some would say is “spotty” service, it’s “too much fun” – and a “bargain” to boot.”

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