Halloween Comic Fest Is On October 26 & 27


Comics shops across the country will celebrate the second annual Halloween ComicFest on October 26 & 27. The family-friendly event is similar to Free Comic Book Day in that it offers free books — only many of the titles will have spooky themes

Sixteen publishers are taking part in Halloween ComicFest and giving away awesome exclusives like a special edition of Batman: The Long Halloween #1 (DC), Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children #1 (Yen Press), Adventure Time (Boom!) and My Little Pony (IDW).

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To participate, just show up at your local comic-book shop on Oct. 26 or 27. Each store will have a selection of books you can grab for free.

Many shops are holding costume contests and other activities tied to the fest. To find a store, preview the free books and learn more, head to halloweencomicfest.com, facebook.com/halloweencomicfests or follow @halloweencomic on Twitter.

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