Dark Hall Mansion To Release 10-Print Folio For The “Universal Classic Monsters” By Tom Whalen


On Wednesday, October 30th, beginning at exactly 9:00 AM PST Dark Hall Mansion will notify the winners of a lottery for right to purchase Tom Whalen’s “Universal Classic Monsters” Folios. You have from now until next Tuesday afternoon at 5 PM PST to e-mail: info@darkhallmansion.com with the words “WHALEN STANDARD” OR “WHALEN VARIANT” in the subject line for a chance to win your right to purchase either one “Universal Classic Monsters” 10-Print Standard Edition Folio or one “Universal Classic Monsters” 10-Print Variant Edition Folio. This is all you need to do to enter the lottery!

DHM will take all of the e-mails that they have received by 5 PM PST Tuesday afternoon, hold a lotto, and at 9 AM PST on October 30th DHM will e-mail the winners of the Standard and Variant Editions with separate e-mails sent for each edition. For those attempting to purchase both editions, and lucky enough to win both lottos, you will receive two separate e-mails confirming that you have won.

Once the e-mails are sent at 9AM PST on October 30th, the winners will have 3 hours in which to pay for their sets via Paypal.

Send payment via  Paypal to info@darkhallmansion.com.

Payments not received within that three hour window will result in cancellation of that order, with NO exceptions, so it is vital you make the payment during that time slot.

At 12 PM PST, DHM will stop taking payments from the winners, and between 12 PM and 1 PM PST DHM will determine how many sets were not paid for, and we will then hold a second chance lottery among those who did not win in the first round. Those “Second Chance” winners will be notified and have one hour in which to make their PayPal payment.

If all of the sets were paid for during the initial three hours, then of course, there will be no Second Chance lottery!


Here are the details about the “Universal Classic Monsters” Folios: Each Folio contains ten 18″ x 24″ individually numbered prints (8 individual prints + one very special 2-print diptych), each individually screen printed, with all pieces encased in a Tom Whalen designed box with its respective COA. The Standard Edition Folio contains the multiple color prints while the Variant Edition Folio contains Tom’s striking ‘silver screen’ take on the classic Universal Monsters and will be beautifully printed with select metallic inks.

There will be 230 Folios in the Standard Edition run and 70 Folios in the Variant Edition run. Know that one very special print from each and every Standard and Variant edition Folio will be personally signed by artist Tom Whalen. Specifically of note to collectors: It will be the one print that is Tom Whalen’s homage to one of the earliest and most rare of the original 1931 Frankenstein posters created: The original Advance-style Frankenstein one sheet poster! A poster that long ago led those very first terrified movie patrons into 1931 movie houses everywhere to see the first glimpses of Karloff’s Monster.

Here are details about the Folios shipping: All prices include shipping!

Since there are two different Folio editions, and two different shipping prices, (one for the U.S. and one for outside the U.S.), there are four possible payments that can be made and are as follows:

The Standard Edition Folio shipped within the US: $350 (Priority Mail Insured)

The Variant Edition Folio shipped within the US: $450 (Priority Mail Insured)

The Standard Edition Folio shipped Internationally: $385 (Priority Mail Express International)

The Variant Edition Folio shipped Internationally: $485 (Priority Mail Express International)

Please note that California buyers are required to add 7.5% CA Tax to their above respective totals in accord with DHM’s local CA tax rate. If the tax is not included, the order will be canceled and refunded.

The “Universal Classic Monsters” 10-Print Folios are being offered simultaneously (at the exact same release time) by both Dark Hall Mansion and at eMoviePoster.com on Wednesday, October 30th. The exact same ordering rules apply. Half of the folios will be sold by Dark Hall Mansion and half by eMoviePoster.com. So notified lotto winners will either submit their payments to Dark Hall Mansion or emovieposter.com. You must review your lotto notification carefully as to who to submit your payment to.












2-Print Diptych


Frankenstein Variant


The Mummy Variant


Variant Bride of Frankenstein


Variant The Wolf Man


Invisible Man Variant


Dracula Variant


Creature From The Black Lagoon Variant


Frankenstein Advance-style Variant


2-Print Variant Diptych

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