Ltd. Art Gallery Announces A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words, A Gallery Show About Characters & Worlds From literature Opening On Friday November 8, 2013

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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words is a new art show that allows the artist to move away from the cues of visual mediums and instead draw inspiration from the many wonderful characters and worlds from literature.

From Edgar Allan Poe to Michael Crichton, over 40 artists will imagine their own literary favorites in a new light.

Featuring the art of: Marjon Accoin, Dane Ault, Dilka Bear, Crystal Barbre, Cory Benhatzel, Jonathan Bergeron, Barry Blankenship, Syd Brown, Craig Church, Daisy Church, Nick Comporone, Doaly, Derek Eads, Leslie Gauthier, Levi Hastings, Blain Hefner, Kiku Hughes, Claire Hummel, Aaron Jasinski, Suzanne Kaufman, Christina Lank, Nan Lawson, June Leeloo, Eliot Mechanism, Timo Meyer, Mikeatron, Brian Miller, Moon, Ryan Myers, Damon O’Keefe, Christopher J Olsen, Augie Pagan, Paolo Petrangeli, Chet Phillips, Reid Psaltis, JSalvador, Dennis Salvatier, Mark Sarmel, Amanda Scurti, Paul Shipper, Siames, Tnglr, Todd Spence, Meghan Stratman, Derek Sullivan, Clay Sisk, Emi Tolibas and Rich Werner

The Opening Reception is planned for Friday, November 8th 7pm-11pm and will feature complimentary refreshments and live DJ Set!

The Ltd. Art Gallery show will run from November 8th, 2013 until December 8th, 2013.


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