Jim Mahfood Visual Funk Art Show To Open At Hero Complex Gallery On November 15, 2013


Hero Complex Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition and the book release by Jim Mahfood AKA Food One entitled Visual Funk. The exhibit and book spans an almost two decade career highlighting the artist’s work in comics, illustration, animation, advertising, murals, gallery shows, body painting, and live art.

Visual Funk is more then a defiant moniker for the artist. Visual Funk is a way of life. With constant beats in his head, Mahfood’s work has the distinct timing mismatch of funk, hip-hop, and jazz. By utilizing a classically-based fundamental understanding of the human form (particularly that of the female) and translating it in to a controlled frenzy of free-form paint-and-ink-driven language, Mahfood has created a definitive style all his own, making his work revolutionary, recognizable, and relatable while staying true to his internal rhythm.

This event is an opportunity to meet the artist and view the works that have solidified Mahfood’s multi-faceted career. The exhibit at Hero Complex presents a diverse body of work from the Mahfood archives, along with selections of new works, comic pages, and a collection of prints.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 15 – from 7-10pm

Event address:

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd. Studio D.
Los Angeles, California 90034

Online Drops:

Preview Sale (originals) on 11/14 at 11am Pacific
Full Online sale with prints on 11/16 at 1pm Pacific

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