LEGO CUUSOO Assault on Wayne Manor


CUUSOO is a site where people can vote for fan submitted LEGO concepts to become real products. If a proposed project receives 10,000 votes then it gets reviewed by LEGO to possibly become a reality


HERE is a recent submission by the LEGO builder DarthKy that deserves to be approved and created.

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I present to you the Assault on Wayne Manor LEGO CUUSSO modular model complete with an opening bookcase with entrance to the Bat Cave, Bat Pole,  The Dark Knight’s trophies, a Bat Suit chamber and lots of hero and villain mini-figs.

So c’mon people, lets get enough votes to get this LEGO piece of awesomeness built!


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  1. OMG I really want to know how to make this…I know this was posted in 2013…but wow I really want to make this

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