thingCHARGER is one of those ‘Duh – why did no-one think of this before’ things.

A gorgeous design, an almost invisible way to charge any phone, any tablet, any reader from any brand.


thingCHARGER works with any outlet and features interchangeable adapters that attach to the top, allowing you to dock and charge most smartphones and tablets out there. There is even dual USB sockets at the bottom, allowing you to connect additional devices for charging at the same time. Its is elegant in its simplicity.


The device is also modular allowing you to add another thingCHARGER on top of the other so that you can dock and charge two devices at once, such as an iPhone and iPad.

According to their website, the thingCHARGER is currently available to pre-order from $29.99 with estimated shipment date Winter/Spring 2014.

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