Do We Really Need This? The Fischer Price Ipad Apptivity Seat


The Fischer Price Ipad Apptivity Seat ($80) is suitable for the newborn and toddlers. The seat features an overhead pivoting case for iPad. For those parients worrying the harm to their baby’s eyesight, a mirror and removable toys can be placed in the pivoting case instead.



– Adjustable toy bar has dangling activity toys that are always within reach, and a large, 7” mirror that’s more than entertaining as it reflects baby’s image – it’s also beneficial for facial recognition and developing a sense of self.

– Option to insert your iPad into the mirror’s case for another way to stimulate and engage your child.

– Toy bar with iPad holder removes completely when you want a traditional seat.

Download free apps that were created with the guidance of child development experts. Visual content and sounds are slow paced and time out after 10-12 minutes.

Activity toys are fun on their own and are also interactive with the apps, prompting fun sight and sound surprises for baby.

– Adjustable, three-position seat recline for comfort and extended use through toddler years.

– Three-point restraint for safety.

– Seat pad and head support remove for machine washing.

– Durable case for all generations of iPad, excluding iPad mini. (iPad device not included)


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