The Museum of Science Fiction To Open In Washington, DC


The Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC, will be the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, covering the history of the genre across the arts (movies, television, books, music, art, comics, etc.) and providing a narrative on its relationship to the real world. Our mission is to create a center of gravity where art and science are powered by imagination.

The museum is expected to open in 2017 while a 3,000-square-foot preview museum is scheduled for 2015. Museum founder Greg Viggiano and his team are raising funds for the preview museum on Indiegogo.

The board is considering nine locations in downtown Washington for the preview museum, which will cover some 3,000 square feet — the full museum will be 15 times larger — feature a life-size Tardis and a scale model of the Enterprise.

Here are some other proposed exhibits

The “Aliens and Altered Life” Gallery


One of seven galleries slated for the final Museum of Science Fiction, the Aliens and Altered Life gallery will feature representations of extraterrestrial and futuristic beings in literature and film including E.T., Alien, and Avatar.

H.G. Wells’ Time Machine


A rendering by chief curator Phil Smith of the time machine from H.G. Wells’ classic The Time Machine, which will be recreated as a full-scale model based on the descriptions in the novel (rather than the 1960 and 2002 films) and put on display in the Time Travels gallery in the Museum of Science Fiction.

The Repository


The Repository will house major works of science fiction literature (like Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Larry Niven’s Ringworld) alongside interactive digital components like films, scores, and the scientific research that inspired the works.

Proposed Atrium, Main Museum


A sketch of the proposed entry atrium of the larger Museum of Science Fiction. A reproduction of an attacking alien tripod from H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds will loom above guests entering the museum (space permitting).

Jules Verne’s Home Study


A rendering of Jules Verne’s study in his home in Amiens, France (where the author wrote his classics), to be recreated in the Creators gallery.

Jules Verne’s Nautilus, 1:10 Replica


The gargantuan, lavish underwater torpedo-mobile from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, seen here in a rendering created by chief curator Phil Smith, will be recreated at 1:10 scale with a cutaway section will be housed in the Vehicles Gallery.

Greg Bear’s Thistledown (From The Way series), 1:1,000,000 Replica


A 3.2-meter model of the Thistledown, the terraformed starship from Greg Bear’s novel Eon (the first of his The Way trilogy). A model will be on display in the museum’s Other Worlds gallery, and tie in modern-day research about asteroid habitability being done by NASA and commercial space interests.

Entrance Lobby/Lounge Area


This rendering of a proposed common area of the main Museum of Science Fiction depicts screens running around the ceiling that display moderated, real-time discussions about the museum’s many interactive exhibits.

Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Tharks (Full-Scale Replica)


A full-scale replica of Tars Tarkas, the compassionate king of the Green Martian warriors in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series is planned for display in the Aliens and Altered Life gallery.

An Interactive Robot From the Foundation Series, Full-Scale Replica


A to-scale replica of R. Daneel Olivaw, the android from Isaac Asimov’s highly influential, seven-book Foundation series about time travel and an alternate universe. The interactive model, which will be displayed in the main museum’s Computers and Robots gallery, and will be used to explore technical and ethical questions about artificial intelligence.

Stillsuit From Dune, Full-Scale Replica


This recreation of the stillsuit worn to protect against the harsh climates of the planet Arrakis from Frank Herbert’s classic Dune series, will be located in the Technology gallery and used to discuss the development of off-Earth technologies.

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