Mark Anderson Shares A Fun 1975 Marvel Comics Calendar That Corresponds With 2014


Chicago based Cartoonist Mark Anderson of Andertoons shares a fun 1975 Marvel Comics calendar that corresponds with 2014.

He writes on his site:

“Did you know calendars repeat periodically? Yep! Within a 28 year cycle a year will start on the same day of the week as previous years 3 times. For example, 2014 has the same days and dates as the years 2003, 1997, 1986, 1975, 1969, etc…

So while there’s a ton of great 2014 calendars out there, I’m going a little retro and using this 1975 Marvel Comics calendar instead. And as long as I was scanning everything in, I thought I’d share them with you!

Have a Marvelous 2014/1975!”

Anderson was kind enough to scan the vintage calendar (yes, I remember owning this and looking forward to each month) and post gorgeous big 2560 x 1200 images for you to download as fun desktop wallpapers.

1975MarvelJan 1975MarvelJun

1975MarvelAug 1975MarvelDec

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