Murfie, The Place Where Music Collections Belong


Launched in May 2011, Murfie is an online marketplace that has a huge selection of used and new albums for as low as $1 each. Every CD you buy is stored at Murfie HQ, and the album is added to your online collection where you can stream, download, or request physical delivery.

Stream your collection in any browser with the Murfie Web Player, at home with any Sonos device, and on the go with their Murfie app for iOS and Android. Download your albums in mp3 and aac, and lossless formats FLAC and Apple Lossless.


Add to your Murfie collection by sending your CDs from home to be ripped and stored, giving you the freedom to access them however, whenever, and wherever you want. Murfie will send you a box to ship your CDs, rip your collection and securely store your compact discs at only $1 per disc! (minimum requests start at $25 to burn and store 25 CD’s)

There’s a ton of other awesome features that make Murfie the best place to buy music.

For starters, you can:

– Unpurchase any album you buy within 24 hours for full credit back to your account
– Sell your CDs in a personal shop
– Trade albums with other members
– Add albums to your Wishlist, choose a price, and select Autobuy to have us automatically buy it for you when it becomes available

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