The Superhero Art of Michael Cho

Michael Cho is an illustrator, cartoonist and occasional writer based in Toronto, Canada.

Using bold strokes and a vintage sensibility he renders some of our favorite comic book characters that seem to pop off the page.

If you are a fan of the legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby and DC: The New Frontier’s artist Darwyn Cooke, then the vibrant work of Michael Cho will be right up your alley!

batman-page4 batman-superman-robin-final-lores black-canary-final-lores daredevil-eccc-sketch daredevil-final-lores docstrange-lores flash2-final-lores Iron-Man-2 michael_cho_hulk_620121 Michael-Cho-Avengers Michael-Cho-Batman-3 Michael-Cho-Batman2 Michael-Cho-Cap Michael-Cho-Flash Michael-Cho-Hawkeye Iron Man Michael-Cho-Rocketeer Michael-Cho-Spiderman Michael-Cho-Thing Michael-Cho-Thor-2 Thor Michael-Cho-X-Men Michael-Cho wonderwoman-final-lores


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