DC Comics To Release Steampunk Influenced Variant Covers In February 2014

DC Comics will release a series of 20 steampunk-influenced variant covers spread throughout their New 52 publishing line next month. Check out some of the covers that merge science fiction, Victoria era fashion and a fascination with steam-powered machinery.


Superman # 28 variant by Dave Johnson


Batwoman # 28 variant by Dave Johnson


Aquaman #28 variant by Richard Horle


Batman/Superman # 8 variant by Tommy Lee Edwards


Batman and Two-Face # 28 variant by Matteo Scalera


Earth 2 # 20 variant by Dan Panosian


Flash # 28 variant by Howard Chaykin with colors by Jesus Aburtov


Justice League #28 variant by Dan Panosian


Justice League Dark #28 variant by Tommy Lee Edwards


Nightwing #28 variant by Tommy Lee Edwards


Superman #28 variant by Jeff Wamester


Superman/Wonder Woman #5 variant by Dan Panosian


Green Lantern: The New Guardians #28 Variant by Klaus Janson with colors by Jose Villarrubia

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