Absolut & Rafael Grampa Collaboration – Dark Noir


As part of the Absolut’s global campaign, Transform Today, the premium vodka company announced a new project with one of my favorite graphic novelists Rafael Grampa. Entitled Next Frame, the collaboration invited users from around the world to help shape what happens within a new original story created by Grampa – as he writes it.


Once the story was complete, Grampa transformed the still drawings into an animated film, which premiered in Berlin at MADE, a creative space by Absolut, on March 15, 2014.


Describing the project, Grampa explained, “I am always looking for ways to transform my work. With Next Frame, I have a chance to do something I’ve never done before by co-writing the story with users online, and also by turning the illustrated story into my own animated film. It’s a very exciting project, and I am happy to be working with a brand that allows me to try new things in the way I work.”


The goal of the Transform Today campaign is to inspire people to tap into their creative potential and explore their ability to create a new future.  Next Frame is the first example of how Absolut will bring this goal to life. In the coming months, additional collaborations with the campaign artists Woodkid, Yiqing Yin, and Aaron Koblin will be announced. Each collaboration will provide opportunities for users to interact and explore the inspirational message of Transform Today.

You can watch the final co-created animated film by Rafael Grampá and Absolut Facebook fans HERE.

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