The 38 Essential Pizzerias Across America, March 2014


Americans love their pizza, whether it’s thin-crust, New York, deep dish, Detroit, bar, New Haven, Chicago, grilled, California, tomato pies, or Neapolitan-style. 

Fortunately, there are pizzerias across the country catering to all of these styles and more, at just about every price point. But which of these restaurants qualify as absolute must-stop pizzerias for the novice as well as the pizza snob? Last Fall, Eater unveiled the first-ever Eater National Pizza 38 in the grand tradition of the lists local sites have been putting out for years. And now, it’s time to revisit and update this guide to the 38 essential pizzerias (and restaurant pizzas) across the country.

Check out the list HERE and see if your favorite pizzeria made the cut.

I’ve eaten at Apizza Scholls in Portland, OR, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, NY, Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, OR, Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, Santarpio’s Pizza in Boston, MA and Serious Pie in Seattle, WA and they were all unique and delicious!

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